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Secrets revealed - Proust's questions Numbers 26-31

Here's my final installment of answers to Proust's Questionnaire. I've enjoyed pondering and answering these questions and hope you've enjoyed my revelations and also, revealing your own true nature by asking them of yourself. Please join me here often for updates about me and my work.

26---Who is your hero of fiction?

Smith’s Arkady Renko and Hillerman’s Joe Leaphorn. Renko is dark and tragic such that I do not identify with him personally, but I am awed by his dedication to lost causes. Leaphorn is probably someone I identify with more easily. Like Renko, he is a widower, but he isn’t dark, merely lonely. He is more humble and cerebral than Renko, logical and courteous. I could follow in Leaphorn’s footsteps, I think.

27---Which historical figure do you most identify with?


28---What are your favorite names?

Sheherazade brings a constellation of stories to mind. Mesmerizing tales designed to entertain and distract.

29.---What is your greatest regret?

I read somewhere that regrets usually stem from what we did not accomplish. Sins of omission instead of commission. With that in mind, I’m having trouble identifying what I left out in my life. But I’m reminded to go into the kitchen to interrupt Cynthia who is most likely reading the morning paper, bend down, and kiss her, whispering, “I love you, Darling.”

30.---How would you like to die?

In my bed. Asleep.

31.---What is your motto?

Ready…Fire…Aim. That is, let’s get things started, and later we can decide how to adjust course. Some people are loathe to make even the smallest mistakes as they go through life, and they spend so much time planning and analyzing, they seldom accomplish anything worthwhile. Nothing important gets done. I don’t mind revising and polishing as needed because I’ve already done the hard part…I’ve made a good start.

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