• Danny Thomas

4 on the 4th at Bookmarks

On August 28th I was one of four local authors here in Winston-Salem to read from our works at a monthly event sponsored by Bookmarks, an independent book store located on 4th Street here in Winston-Salem.Bookmarks invites 4 local authors each month on the fourth Wednesday to read from their works. I presented excerpts from my memoir Forever: An Alabama Football Memoir (2016), which my elder daughter, Amanda, had persuaded me to write based on my reflections on Coach Paul Bear Bryant who was the head football coach at the University of Alabama while I was in college, 1966-1971; and based on the letters I wrote home while I was in Tuscaloosa. The result was a blend of up close and personal observations of a great man, a giant in college sports, and the day-to-day discoveries made by a curious, sometimes awed young athlete trying to follow orders on the gridiron while getting a basic college education in the bargain.

I performed better at the podium than I had anticipated I would, but that was probably because my daughters, Amanda and Caroline, joined my wife Cynthia in the audience, and every time I looked up from the page, they were there smiling at me...which encouraged me to tell what I knew about the subject. My time at the microphone passed quickly, and I ended up signing and selling a few books...which was the primary goal of the evening.

I want to thank the folks at Bookmarks for making the process so easy to follow and comfortable in general. I hope to participate in another 4 on the 4th in months to come.

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